Westward Expansion: America's Push to the Pacific Series


In 1890, barely a century after the United States of America's founding, the Census Bureau declared the American frontier closed. This series chronicles the causes and effects of the young country's rapid westward expansion, examining its positive outcomes, such as improved transportation and communication methods, as well as its devastating impact on Native Americans and other negative consequences of this mass migration. Readers will grasp the full picture of this era and how it contributed to American history and culture.

Number of Titles: 7

Interest Level: Grades 5-9

Guided Reading Level: Z

Lexile Level: 1090-1190

ISBN: 9781538300947 (Print)  9781625136206 (E-book)

Copyright: ©2018

"Will work well in a unit on Westward Expansion that asks small groups or individual students to focus on one historic subject...Recommended." - School Library Connection

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