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Investigating the Abominable Snowman and Other Legendary Beasts


Hear “abominable” and you may well think disgusting, detestable, disagreeable. Hear “snowman” and you think adorable. But put the two words together—Abominable Snowman—and you get a mystery. In this page-turner, students will read about people who claim to have seen the creature—even to have preserved body parts. Yikes. Other people and groups included in this book aim to debunk what they see as baseless myths. Readers will learn about both views of the Abominable Snowman as well as other legendary beasts in this provocative and riveting account. They can then come to their own conclusions.

Series: Understanding the Paranormal Series

Interest Level: Grades 5-8

Guided Reading Level: X

Lexile Level: 1000

ISBN: 9781622758531 (Print) 9781622758562 (E-book)

Copyright: ©2015 

Pages: 48

Includes Teacher's Notes

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