Evolving Technology Series (NEW!)


Long before air travel or computers that fit squarely in the palm of our hands, humans were developing innovations that would be the driving force for society's transformation. This series traces the history of technology in several fields as well as its impacts, both positive and negative, on individuals, the environment, and society at large. From the earliest domestication of plants and animals to the latest in medical biotechnology, students will gain a nuanced understanding of how scientists and engineers developed the tools and machines we rely on and how those developments have indelibly changed the world as we know it. Features include: Correlates with the Next Generation Science Standards for examining the impacts science and technology have on human society and the natural world. Fulfills state curricular standards for an interdisciplinary approach blending STEM principles with historical context about their development and importance.

Number of Titles: 5

Interest Level: Grades 5-8

Guided Reading Level: V-Y

Lexile Level: 1150-1260

ISBN: 9781538303146 (Print)  9781625136299 (E-book)

Copyright: ©2019

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