The History of Technology Series

Technology, the invention of any useful items or means with which people can solve problems, has evolved and made an impact on human society in every era. In earlier times, technology would consist of everything from making fire to the invention of an alphabet, while later eras focus on domesticating animals, harnessing various forms of energy, and, of course, the invention of automatons, leading to the creation of the computer. Readers will gain an appreciation of both the advancements made by earlier generations and those yet to come in the future.  Aligns with Common Core standards for science and technical subjects, as well as social studies.  Hits several important curricular areas: STEM, History, Science, Technology.  The history of technology is a window onto a wider cross-disciplinary historical perspective, offering fascinating opportunities to access cultural, political, economic, and religious history.  At the heart of these volumes are amazing, inspiring, and compelling stories—stories about individual’s attempts to understand nature and utilize its resources to benefit all of humanity, increase our chances of survival, explore the world around and far beyond us, and better understand—and perhaps improve upon—our standing within the cosmos.