Let's Find Out! Computer Science Series


Computer science is one of the most important fields for the future. Whereas the earliest computers took up an entire room and could process only simple information and data, contemporary computers are ubiquitous, powering everything from small personal devices to supercomputers and artificial intelligence. Students who have grown up in a world populated by advanced computer technology will be fascinated to learn more about different types of computers and how they can help facilitate scientific breakthroughs, improved communication, and more. This series also addresses cybersecurity and teaches readers about the importance of safeguarding their information when using the internet.
Features include: Supports the K to 12 Computer Science Framework by providing students with a foundation for computer science knowledge and problem-solving. Terminology is fully explained through vocabulary boxes and a glossary.

Number of Titles: 5

Interest Level: Grades 1-5

Guided Reading Level: M-N

Lexile Level: 830-930

ISBN: 9781538300992 (Print)  9781625136169 (E-book)

Copyright: ©2018

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