Gods & Goddesses of Mythology II Series


The concept of supreme beings with the power to alter the natural world—and influence the lives of humans in the process—is common to all cultures around the globe. Civilizations have built religions and cultivated societal traditions around their attempts to appease or enjoin the favor of these might masters of human fate. This series examines the belief systems of ancient and indigenous peoples, highlighting the deities and spirit beings that have figured prominently in each society.

Number of Titles: 3

Interest Level: Grades 9-12

Guided Reading Level: Z

Lexile Level: 1270-1530

ISBN: 9781625132499 (E-book)

Copyright: ©2015

“This series is a concise introduction to the mythology of different cultures. An overview of each deity or spirit being and his or her influence is provided. Each volume provides a summary of the history and development of various deities, entities, traditions, cultural rituals, ceremonies, impact on modern thought, literature, and ways of being. Abundant in key concepts and anthropological vocabulary, each title includes references for further reading. The text is enhanced by colorful and well-placed graphics including maps, charts, architecture photos, depictions of gods and goddesses, along with historical paintings and myriad artifacts. Recommended.”–School Library Connection, December 2015

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