Exploring Ancient Civilizations Series

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Thousands of years ago, ancient civilizations around the world developed cultures whose impacts are still felt today. From codes of law and religious practices to cuisine and language, these long-ago societies have shaped the course of human history. Readers will discover innovative contributions made by ancient peoples: the engineering marvel of the Great Wall of China; the development of democracy in ancient Greece; the Maya civilization’s astute observations of the moon and planets; and many more. • Gives historical perspective, showing how many advancements were made by civilizations long ago • Sidebars highlight the most interesting aspects of each culture and its enduring impact. • Key social studies domain-specific vocabulary words are defined in the glossary to help readers effectively explain the text. • Complex yet engaging informational text that explains historical events and presents information causally

Number of Titles: 6

Interest Level: Grades 5-8

Guided Reading Level: T-Z

Lexile Level: 860-1080

ISBN: 9781622758142 (Print)  9781625133021 (E-book)

Copyright: ©2015 



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