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Auroras: Behind the Northern and Southern Lights


Auroras—the dancing lights that most often grace the night skies of the North and South Poles—look like magnificent kaleidoscopes of light and color to the naked eye. This absorbing volume breaks down this breathtaking phenomenon, using it to introduce elementary readers to the basics of magnetism and atmospheric science. The narrative carefully explains how the Earth’s poles and atmosphere affect solar wind and describes how similar dazzling displays are visible on other planets. Vivid images capture the wonder of the northern and southern lights, while boxed terms and guiding questions nurture a deeper curiosity about our atmosphere.

Series: Nature's Mysteries

Interest Level: Grades 1-4

Guided Reading Level: O

Lexile Level: 1000

ISBN: 9781680484793 (Print)  9781680484632 (E-book)

Copyright: ©2017

Pages: 32

This science-heavy addition to the Nature’s Mysteries series explains, in no small detail, how the earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere work to create the display of lights, while also explaining solar activity and the presence of auroras on other planets. While younger readers may struggle with some of the admittedly difficult science, this is a comprehensive guide to a natural wonder that will be of great aid in school reports and for budding scientists. – Booklist

This is a well-written informational text in the Nature’s Mysteries series. It is marked by engaging pictures that create questions, easy to read text that challenges students with more questions, and skill building sections that build reference skills. In the chapter Earth’s Magnetic Field the author skillfully gives the reader an understandable explanation of the what, where, and why of the aurora. Enjoy the read. – NSTA Recommends

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