Early American History Series

The territory now known as the United States underwent a massive transformation in the first few centuries after its initial exploration by Europeans. British colonization gave way to the American Revolution and the formation of a new democratic nation, the early decades of which were marked by westward expansion and sectional divisions that led to a devastating civil war. Key figures, important events, significant social movements, and cultural milestones in each of these eras are discussed, demonstrating to readers their importance in American history as a whole.  Aligns with social studies standards.  Second-to-none Britannica content that both informs and enthralls and is scrupulously accurate and trustworthy.  Individual volumes tell powerful and compelling stories of our nation’s growth and development. Taken as a whole, the result is a breathtaking, dramatic, panoramic narrative of the transformation of a few hardscrabble and tenuous colonies into the revered United States of America.